So glad you're here! We are located in Poteet, TX, just south of San Antonio. Green grass, and a warm year-round climate sure makes for some happy cattle. Longhorn cattle that is! Kelli began breeding and raising Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle in 2020 when she purchased her first of many yard ornaments. Quickly realizing, you can't just have one...the rest of the herd began to grow.

Breeding for the total package, body confirmation, horn, color and carrying on impressive genetics. Texas longhorn cattle are extremely hearty, thrive in almost any conditions and live a long, wonderful life. They make every pasture prettier, are docile, gentle animals, and make fabulous mothers.

We invite you to stop by, and experience the beauty these animals possess. Whether you are just getting started, purchasing your first longhorn, or adding to your growing herd... We are happy to help guide you!

Teixeira Land & Cattle
Cody, Kelli, Wyatt, Waylon and Addy Teixeira